Band Workshops in Canada

Bands Come In All Shapes and Sizes!

From band classes at small programs to enormous bands at well established programs. No matter what the size or need for you and your program, we're here to help! We guarantee that you and your bands have an experience that will immediately help them improve.  You'll know this not only by the sound they're producing, but by the smiles on their faces!

Typically, we're at your school from 1-3 hours in total.  We can work with your classes or bands, and will try and accommodate coming on a day that fits best for your normal rehearsal schedule!

What is the Criteria for taking part in the E2E program?

  Much as we would like to help everywhere, we do have to provide some guidelines for this cross-Canada program.

Please click on one of the two following links to establish the requirements for participation in the YamahaE2E program.

Yamaha E2E Across Canada!

No matter what Province in Canada you live in, we want you to know Yamaha is here to support you.  Click on the link below to see the requirements to participate in the Canada-wide E2E program!