YamahaE2E Across Canada!

Here's How It's Possible, at NO COST to your school or school board!

The YamahaE2E program is available in all provinces across the country.  Here's the requirements for High School programs outside of Ontrio.

1) You have a high school band program that regularly participates in Regional Music Festivals.

2) A minimum of 6 high schools can be visited across 3 days, coordinated by you or your school board.  We can boost that to a maximum of 8 schools across 4 days if requested.

3) School visits will be either just before, or just after ONE of the following "anchor events" in your specific region of the country.  (Anchor events listed below)

Anchor Events: School visits are scheduled either immediately before or immediately after ONE of the following given anchor events.

1) Regional Music Festival where our E2E specialist is an adjudicator.

 2) P.D. event (coordinated by you and/or your school board) with our E2E specialist presenting.

3) Regional Music Conference with our E2E Specialist presenting.

4) Regional University presentation done by our E2E Specialist.

Working Together, We'll Bring the E2E program to YOUR region of the country!