Music Conferences and Presentations in Canada


You Make the Choice!

Choose from any of the readily available workshops shown here, or customize a workshop to meet the specific needs of your Music Conference, Board P.D. or University B.Music/Fac.Ed program.

Session One: Beginning Band: Start Them Right!

When beginning to learn an instrument, the first few weeks are critical for developing proper technique and habits.  This session will provide very practical solutions for the teacher to directly employ in their class; solutions that will look at each instrument and what is necessary to give your students the best start possible.  After the session, you’ll leave with a wealth of practical solutions that have been developed and refined over many years.  Your bands will improve greatly, as will your enrollment/retention.

Session Two: Boosting Retention Up Into The 90% Range Year Over Year!

There’s an entirely secret world surrounding counting, practice techniques, and note identification that’s happening with your students; a secret world that you may not even know about!  This session provides you with a wealth of practical solutions based on over 30 years of experience, solutions that have proven to be the BIGGEST single most important factor in boosting retention rates up into the 90% range year over year and ensure that your students can advance grade to grade with complete confidence and enthusiasm.

Session Three: What Your Festival Adjudicator Is Looking For As Your Band Performs.

Preparing your concert band for Festival competition is hard work!  Here's an inside look from a National level adjudicator of what we're looking for from your band.  Cover these elements in your rehearsal as you prepare, and you're sure to improve your standing at the Festival!

Session 4: Big $$ Fundraising That WORKS!

Are you looking for fundraising that raises a LOT of money with minimal effort?  Sound too good to be true?  Well it’s not!  We’ve been doing these awesome fundraisers for years and they work like a charm, raising a lot of money for trips or your music program.  And best of all, parents are thrilled!  This session will provide you with all the materials and knowledge to help you get started.

We're Here to Help!

We're here to help meet your needs, big or small. Whether a 1 hour workshop, or a full day series of workshops, we'll ensure that your teachers get the most value from participating, and leave absolutely thrilled with the knowledge and skills they can immediately take back to their classroom.